Atomodine is a potent Iodine Supplement Sold For Over 75 Years. 2 oz. Liquid.

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Iodine is to your Thyroid as fuel is to the engine in your vehicle.

Atomodine is a potent Iodine Supplement Sold For Over 75 Years. 2 oz. Liquid.

People all over the world ask for this versatile solution that naturally supports:

  • Energy

  • Weight Loss

  • Metabolism

  • Calcium absorption

  • Glandular function

In fact it is our most popular item with doctors. Iodine is an essential nutrient to the thyroid gland and the entire glandular system. The thyroid is responsible for production of hormones which regulate the metabolic rate of cells. Therefore, it influences physical and mental growth, nervous and muscle tissue function, cardiovascular health as well as healthy weight maintenance. This is the same product that has been sold for 75 years. Now energized by a proprietary process developed by psychics similar to Edgar Cayce. Atomidine is a unique iodine preparation Cayce said would be extremely beneficial for many health purposes.

“One of three factors that make calcium available to the bone is iodine. Atomidine is a wonderful supply of iodine, easy to handle, absorb and eliminate…” Erwin Z. Salomon, M.D. Jerusalem, Israel

Ingredients: 600 micrograms of iodine per drop (400% RDI).

Directions: 1 drop in water in the morning.

Warning: Do not use this supplement in conjunction with any other concentrated source of iodine, such as Formula 636/637, Sea-Adine, Calcios, or kelp tablets (not kelp salt). Over-stimulation of the thyroid gland with resulting nervousness may be experienced. People who are hyperactive or have cardiovascular difficulties should not use this because glandular stimulation might over stimulate the heart


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