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Weight Loss Seldom Happens During “Reshaping”

Ever notice that the road to fitness is not only up & down but also curvy?  Meaning that while you may lose weight on any given day, you may not lose inches or feel slimmer or fitter.  However, I have taken note that during any given week, while I am eating appropriately & working out, but not losing weight, my body seems to be compacting and rearranging itself into a slimmer and improved shape.  Since I weigh every day I have noticed that this is how my body works. Now you may say well this is normal because you are working out, losing fat and putting on muscle which is denser and smaller. And though I don’t disagree with you, I want to point out that the recognition of this pattern has given rise to a new positive affirmation when the scale doesn’t move, which is, “I am ‘reshaping’  right now”.  SilverBack