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What is the One Big Thing That Improves Overall Health the Best?

If you are always looking for the one big thing that will solve your health problems, look no further. It is like the fountain of youth, One Big Thing does not exist, nor is it the answer. The answer is Many Little  Things, Done Right, Consistently. The opposite is also true. What harms your health the most?  It is typically not one big thing. The most harmful things to you health are Many Little Things, Done Wrong, Consistently.

Are you in a poor state of Health? Compare what you do everyday to what you do occasionally. Make all the healthy things you do for your self part of your daily list and the unhealthy things you do to yourself part of your occasional list. I put this into practice in the following manner:

Approximately 6 days per week I eat healthy (I also avoid my trigger foods which are breads, sweets, cheese and fried foods), stay properly hydrated, take the right supplements, get enough sleep (I do not eat within 4 hours of bedtime) and exercise.

1 day per week I have a CHEAT DAY. I do and eat whatever I want. I stay up late, sleep in and sometimes am a complete couch potato. I can eat pizza, burgers, chips, fries and bread or anything else I want to eat.I have been doing this for 18 months. My results: Lost 30 pounds, off blood pressure medicine, psoriasis clearing up and more energy.

Note: One thing I have noticed is that I no longer long for my cheat days, like I did at the beginning. Nor am I even tempted to eat everything I postponed until my cheat day. My cheat day turned out to be a wonderful coping mechanism to deal with cravings. I am also still losing weight (although slower now) and expect to reach my goal weight by my birthday in June. Interestingly enough I no longer spend a lot of time worrying about my weight or if I will achieve my goal weight since my Many Little Things, Done Right, Consistently is now part of my lifestyle. So just as my old lifestyle of Many Little Things, Done Wrong, Consistently guaranteed I would gain weight and my health and fitness would suffer, my new lifestyle assures weight loss to a healthy weight, fitness and consistent health improvement.  It a Jungle Out There. Diana at SilverBack